OceanBel 40 Oceanbel 128 Sailing Yacht
OceanBel 40 Oceanbel 128 Sailing Yacht
Pekka Koskenkyla OceanBel funder of Swan & Mirabella Sailing Yachts

Pekka Koskenkyla, Founder of the Swans and Mirabellas.

 “Not much has changed during the last half a century in the design of sailboats compared to powerboats “


OceanBel 40 is breaking
the old mode”

Comfort of a

Hybrid – Electric power for better economy and environment

Can be sailed by one person only

New sail plan for better performance and easier handling

Innovative keel for more stability and min. two meter draft

Panoramic view from the saloon forward, port and starboard

Intended for private and charter use with priority for comfort

For world cruising – less dependent of ports and marinas



Boats in a bay

Two generators charge a big battery bank, which powers 2 x 250 HP electric motors and everything else that requires power on board.  Varying amounts of power at varying times is needed on a yacht and it is available from the battery bank as needed and when needed. No waste of energy compared to generators providing the power at a constant rate. This means less pollution and less costs.
A silent engine room is another advantage of this power system. The generators are inside a special sound insulated box, and mounted on very soft mounts to prevent the transfer of vibrations to the hull.  Practically no noise.
The electrical motors turning the propellers can be switched to work as generators when the boat is sailing. The flow of water will turn the propellers to charge the batteries when under sail (wind power storage).

Boats in a bay


Italian coast
The OceanBel has two head sails (genoas), but no main sail. Both head sails have roller reefing for adjusting the size of the sail exposed to the wind. The sheets have captive winches installed in the engine room adjusting the sails to the force and direction of the wind. All this is controlled by the helmsman with push buttons.
In addition of being much easier to handle, this sail plan also gives more speed under sail for the simple reason that a genoa is more effective than a mainsail. This is a fact known by anybody who has tried to sail with the mainsail alone as compared to doing so with a genoa, and we have two effective genoas.


Confort on a sailing yacht

It is a deep thin keel, which turns and can be adjusted to stay at any angle. It is made of spring steel, which bends, but retains its straight form. We call this a keelboard.
When the keelboard is down the leverage effect is very powerful because of its depth of seven meters. When at anchor, it can even be lowered to touch the bottom for maximum effect. It can also move freely up or down with the tide.
The lead ballast for stability is placed into the bilge. This traditional way has this important advantage of eliminating rolling because of waves, as is the case with a modern fin keel with a heavy lead weight at the deep end, which causes the boat to roll from one side to another with each wave coming from the beam.
The keelboard is relatively light in weight by comparison, and it is very effective because  the area of its surface is  up to seven meters deep with a powerful leverage effect.
The other advantage of this new keel arrangement is the low draft of only two meters when the board is up.  This also allows the OceanBel  to be hauled out of the water on a simple slipway for repairs or for annual bottom painting anywhere in the world. This can be a major advantage, because there are only a few travel lifts in the world big enough for this size of vessel.


Confort on a sailing yacht


Girls diving

Self sufficiency for food and laundry room

Many remote destinations such as islands with no tourists have none or only limited amounts of quality food available to sell. This is no problem for the OceanBel. She is self-sufficient for food because of a cold storage room with freezers big enough to last for weeks or even months.

A well-equipped laundry room will also give the necessary autonomy.

Features which make living on board a unique experience

Couple on a sailing yacht

The owner and guests are able to enjoy a panoramic view from the saloon forward and both sides, even when seated.  A view which is normally reserved for the skipper only. The wheelhouse is forward of the saloon, and the upper part of the wall separating the wheelhouse from the saloon, is made of glass so as not to block the view. When the boat is under way the owner/guests are able to follow where the boat is heading and how to get there. When the wind conditions are suitable for sailing, the skipper would be steering the boat from one of the two steering stations on the aft part of the upper deck to see the sails better, both of these steering stations are provided with the necessary instruments and repeaters.
Each cabin is properly sound insulated with thick bulkheads.
A big garage for dinghies of different size and for water toys of different kind.
The boom shown on the aft mast is for the support and storage of four independent rolled-up sun ownings for the aft deck.  The alternative could be a fixed sun roof with the possibility for installing sun panels.

Couple on a sailing yacht

A happy crew of five persons for two season use

steering cabin oceanbel

To get the best crew and to keep it, good accommodation is important.  Here again our solution is original. The captain and the cook occupy a double cabin each and can take on board the person they live with, provided that these qualify as crew members.
This makes it easier for these key crew members to stay on board for extended periods of time, as is one of the design objectives for this yacht. The third single cabin has an upper, fold down spare bed, if needed.


– Pekka Koskenkylä, OceanBel 40 Concept Creator