The first OceanBel 40 as an investment


To become the first owner/investor of the OceanBel 40 is not only a pleasure, it is also a GOOD AND SAFE INVESTMENT.


The following three alternatives for a good return on investment in this case are:

   Selling the yacht during the construction

   Chartering the boat until sold

   Keeping the yacht for long term pleasure and charter

The first owner/investor will get the first OceanBel 40 at very favourable conditions making all these three alternatives a good and safe investment. We are aiming for mutual interest on this project.


The fastest RETURN ON INVESTMENT is of course to sell the boat during the construction. But keeping the boat a bit longer might increase your profit.
The conception of OceanBel optimizes the boat for charter :


The OceanBel 40 has more cabins, more interior volume and more deck space than other sailboats of the same length.

The reason is that the OceanBel is designed 100% for cruising. No racing, no regattas and therefore no rating for races is needed, because while a good rating helps to win races, it limits the design alternatives.


Charter even during low-season with OceanBel:

The design concept for OceanBel is different because she is designed to be a comfortable cruising yacht, and she is also ideal for two season charter, such as the winter in the Caribbean/Bahamas and summer in the Mediterranean. The OceanBel is not limited to these areas. She is also able to charter for instance in the South East Asian countries and remote islands such as the Maldives, because she has large and well equipped cold storage and laundry rooms making her independent of shore services for weeks or even months.

The two low season periods of spring and fall can also be good for charter in the right place. That is the Bahama islands. For many bigger boats it is not feasible because of the two meter draft limitation in this big archipelago, but it is not an issue for The OceanBel which was designed for the Bahama. Because of the warm Gulf Stream, the weather is better in Bahamas at that time of the year than in the Caribbean or Florida.

Up to as many as 12 charter guests :

The weekly rate for a new, high quality boat of this size in high season is about 100.000 euros per week. With a flexible low season rate it is possible to charter 20 or more weeks per year. One of the most important factors for the weekly charter rate is the number of guests it can take. That number is normally eight to ten persons for a boat of this length. The OceanBel 40 can take twelve.


The OceanBel has a large charter customer base :

The OceanBel has also appeal to some powerboat customers, who would “rather go sailing” if they could have the same comfort that they are used to. As there are perhaps ten times more potential powerboat customers, compared to sailors for this size of yachts, the number of potential charter weeks  could be considerably more than the 20 weeks, because OceanBel can deliver the comfort and more, that the powerboat customers are used to.


Save on marina costs :

The yearly expenses for chartering a boat include the charter agent commissions, the crew salaries, running costs for the boat and the management of the whole operation. The absence of marina costs is a considerable saving. The yearly costs add up to a few hundred thousand euros. The fuel and catering costs are charged extra. This would leave a net income of more than one million per year.


Use the boat for yourself with family and friends :

An additional bonus is that the owner can also use the boat for himself with family and friends. OceanBel has large cabins and the level of comfort an owner would want for himself.


Last but not least :

The second-hand value for the first OceanBel during the next few years will certainly be higher than the original investment for this first boat. Especially considering the charter income. The details, with facts and figures, can be discussed with further negotiations.

The above mentioned investment alternatives, particularly for the first boat, have unique advantages.

1 – The potential return on investment is high

2 – Losing money when chartering the boat is hardly possible. The demand is likely to be higher for the OceanBel, compared to other yachts of the same size because, she will also appeal to the much bigger number of power boat clients. The occupancy rate will therefore be higher than for many other boats and it has a tendency to grow over time, because of repeat customers.

3 – The possibility of using the boat for own pleasure is a factor for many.