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Now e-KYC is required for free ration wheat, see the process

By Vaseline May26,2024
Now e-KYC is required for free ration wheat, see the process

Ration card : Now this major update has come from the state government that the ration wheat available for free under the Food Security Scheme in the state will now be KYCed. Now how will this KYC be done and how will you get the benefits after KYC, how can you do KYC at home, the complete process. And know its benefits,

The government is providing free rations under the food security programme. Now this ration is given by the government to the people of the country for free. Now the families who receive this free ration will have to get Aadhaar KYC done, only then will the families get the benefit, otherwise the free ration will be stopped. Why is KYC done and how will KYC be done and a major update on this has been issued by the government,

Rajasthan Free Ration Ekyc

Now the government has given a major update in the context of the food security programme. All families benefiting from food security in the state of Rajasthan will have to arrange KYC. All members benefiting from food security will have to update their ration card with Aadhaar. That is, KYC will have to be done through Aadhaar, this KYC will have to be done through OTP or finger,

The government of Rajasthan has now given a major update to all the citizens of the country under the free ration program i.e. under the food security program. Now the KYC process of this free ration program will be started. For this purpose, those who are provided with free ration under the food security program. To provide benefits to the right families and stop injustice and fraud,

Free eKYC update for the food program

The Food and Civil Supplies Department is on alert mode after receiving complaints of irregularities during the distribution of ration wheat in the state. E-KYC of eligible food security beneficiaries will be done at all fair price shops of the state. This e-KYC is done when all family members take the Aadhaar or Ration card to the fair price store. Through this process it will be possible to find out how many eligible people there are actually to whom benefits should be provided.

The fraud will be stopped: Following complaints about irregularities during the distribution of wheat and other commodities, the department has now taken steps towards an e-KVEC system with an aim to stop fraud in distribution. The department will now conduct e-KYC of all family members of the eligible beneficiaries in the district through fair price retailers to see how many people actually qualify and who gets the benefits. After inquiring about fraud, the department can also remove the name from the ration card.

Khadya Suraksha Yojana eKYC Start Date

Information in this regard has been provided by the department to all district logistics officers of the state. This e-KYC will mandatory start on June 30. E-KYC will be done by fair price retailers through POS machines.

For e-KYC, Aadhaar and ration card must be brought along.

As per a department order following complaints over wheat distribution in the state, instructions have been issued to all district logistics officers to complete e-KYC before June 30. This e-KYC will be done through retailers with fair prices. For which the consumer can get this done by carrying his Aadhar card and ration card. It will be necessary to conduct e-KYC for all members linked to the ration card.

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