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Why Filing These Amazing EPFO ​​Digital Life Certificates Through Facial Authentication Is So Painless For Pensioners | Personal finance news

By Vaseline Jun10,2024
Why Filing These Amazing EPFO ​​Digital Life Certificates Through Facial Authentication Is So Painless For Pensioners |  Personal finance news

EPFO’s Digital Life Certificate has become a boon for pensioners as they no longer have to visit bank branches or post offices to submit proof of life certificates thanks to facial authentication technology.

EPS retirees are increasingly turning to the EPFO ​​Digital Life Certificate facial authentication technology to submit their proof of life.

Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is one of the most crucial institutions for employees across India. The EPFO ​​manages the contributions to the provident fund and when they retire, they get a lump sum plus a pension to meet most of their needs. Particularly for pensioners, keeping the flow of money from EPFO ​​going is crucial and certain requirements apply. An important one concerns submitting proof of life. While in the past, retirees were required to physically visit submit a physical certificate of life, which was a painful process for many, but now it is no longer necessary. Retirees can use the Filing EPFO ​​Digital Life Certificates faces an authentication technology based process and that too from their homes. Considering that there are as many as 78 lakh pensioners, one can imagine how much relief they must have gotten from this EPFO ​​feature.

In fact, there is another system that also exists and what this was made up of biometric authentication for EPS pensioners and required them to physically visit a branch of a bank, post office, Common Service Center or an EPFO ​​office. The requirement was that they had to have their fingerprint/iris captured by the devices available there.

EPFO facial authentication technology

Now, the EPFO ​​digital life submission system has evolved as technology advances and the use of facial authentication technology allows EPS retirees to submit their digital life certificates from home. This facial recognition technology can be used for a proof of life certificate. In this, EPFO ​​​​has enabled the use of any Android smartphone whose camera can take a facial scan. Notably, this authentication is enabled by the Aadhaar database using UIDAI’s facial recognition app.

The number of pensioners using this facial recognition technology has increased phenomenally from 2.1 lakh pensioners in 2022-23 to 6.6 lakh in 2023-24. This is a growth of 200% year on year.

How to use EPFO ​​facial verification technology

1. Install two apps – Aadhaar Face RD and Jeevan Pramaan on smartphones.

2. Operator authentication is done through Aadhaar linked mobile numbers.

3. The Apps explain the process to ensure a successful facial scan.

4. Once the scan is completed, the submission of the Digital Life Certificate will be confirmed on the mobile screen along with the Jeevan Pramaan ID and PPO number

All of this can be done from the comfort of home without having to spend much time or effort. If further explanation is needed, retirees can easily find out the details through a video available on the official YouTube page of EPFO ​​​​@SOCIALEPFO.

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