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The Inside Housing – Home – Liberal Democrats manifesto promises 380,000 homes per year

By Vaseline Jun10,2024
The Inside Housing – Home – Liberal Democrats manifesto promises 380,000 homes per year

The Liberal Democrats pledged to ‘heat homes warmer and cheaper’ with a ten-year emergency upgrade programme, starting with free insulation and heat pumps for people on low incomes, and ensuring all new homes and non-residential buildings will be zero per cent. -carbon.

The party would reintroduce requirements for landlords to upgrade the energy efficiency of their properties to EPC C or higher by 2028, plans scrapped by the Conservatives.

It said the rough sleeping will end in the next parliament and the “archaic” vagrancy law will be abolished immediately.

It pledged to provide councils with “sufficient funding” to implement the Homeless Reduction Act and provide housing for survivors of domestic violence.

Commenting on the manifesto, Kate Henderson, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, said the pledge to deliver 150,000 social homes a year is welcome.

“This is a commitment that recognizes the scale of the housing crisis and the central role that an ambitious social housing program must play in any government response,” she said.

However, Ms Henderson added that “delivering these plans will require significant long-term government support” as well as “collaboration with a social housing sector operating in a difficult environment”.

“The scale of the challenge cannot be underestimated.

“Ahead of the next election, we call on all parties to understand the urgent need for a nationally coordinated and fully funded long-term housing plan,” she said.

Dan Wilson Craw, deputy CEO of Generation Rent, said the manifesto is positive but “some solutions are unclear”.

“A commitment to immediately ban no-fault evictions is a good first step. However, the three-year standard rental requirement is confusing: it is not clear whether tenants can move within three years if their circumstances change, or whether landlords need a reason to evict at the end of the period.

“The abolition of no-fault evictions must be accompanied by open-ended leases to provide tenants with both security and flexibility,” he said.

Mr Wilson Craw said a national register of landlords is ‘essential’, but he said specifying ‘licensed landlords’ ‘raises the question of whether the party would require all landlords to also be licensed, or whether the register would just apply to approximately 7% of landlords. of landlords who currently require a permit.”

He added: “The manifesto contains positive proposals with the potential to improve the affordability and quality of rental housing.

“However, without a broader range of rental sector reforms, including limits on rent increases, tenants will continue to suffer the same power imbalance vis-à-vis our landlords that has undermined our security for so long. government.”

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