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“Agent of Darkness, I’m Free of You” – Harrysong Replies to Ex-Wife, Alexer About Her Claims That He Wet the Bed

By Vaseline May27,2024
“Agent of Darkness, I’m Free of You” – Harrysong Replies to Ex-Wife, Alexer About Her Claims That He Wet the Bed

The drama between Nigerian singer Harrysong and his estranged wife Alexer Peres doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon after the singer answers her.

Hours ago, Alexer claimed the singer suffered from bedwetting, while debunking his claims that her mother had been married multiple times.

She clarified that her mother was not married six times but remarried after the unfortunate loss of her husband. Importantly, she emphasized that her mother is currently happily married to the same man.

She accused the singer of, among other things, bedwetting and claimed to have to deal with it every day.

Now replying to her via his Instagram story, he noted how his wife was exposed when he declared that he could now return to work.

Harrysong told Alexer to continue pursuing influence with her lies and noted that she will only be blogging for a while. He called her an agent of darkness and declared himself free from her.

“You were exposed.
Now I can go back to work.
Keep chasing influence with your lies. You’re just content with blogging for a while.
Agent of darkness. Be free from you forever in Jesus name. Amen”.

Harrysong calls his wife an agent of darkness Harrysong calls his wife an agent of darkness

Over the weekend, Harrysong had revealed that he had left his ten-year relationship to marry Alexer, who he claimed cheated on him into becoming pregnant by another man. He also threw a jibe at his mother-in-law claiming that she is in her seventh marriage and there are rumors that she is having extramarital affairs.

Alexer addressed his claims, stating that she is open to peaceful co-parenting with Harrysong despite him emotionally and mentally abusing her. She also talked about how much she loves her children, which is why she doesn’t want to have any problems with the singer, who is their father.

Kemi Filani reported that Harrysong’s marriage to Alexer was on the rocks after a leaked conversation surfaced in which the singer belittled his wife and compared her to his concubines, who he said were better than her.

After the news broke, Harrysong opened up about it as he admitted that it is a challenging time for the couple and appealed to the public to respect their privacy and be understandable.

Alexer opened up about their marital crisis in an interview, revealing how the singer told her he married her out of pity. She claimed that he had repeatedly cheated on her and that she had treated several infections during her stay due to his infidelity. Alexer further claimed that Harrysong also attacked her.

Sadly, Alexer announced the loss of the pregnancy in March, expressing how heartbroken she was that her little one had to go through this.

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