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Bitcoin Fluctuates Near $69,000, ETH Surpasses $3,900, PEPE Hits New ATH

By Vaseline May27,2024
Bitcoin Fluctuates Near ,000, ETH Surpasses ,900, PEPE Hits New ATH

Crypto prices once again witnessed a wide range of action today, with Bitcoin price hovering around $69,000, Ethereum price above $3,900 after ETF approval, and Pepe coin continuing to defy broader market expectations to gain a to reach new ATH.

Intriguingly, the global crypto market capitalization saw a modest increase of 0.97% today, to $2.59 trillion. However, the total crypto market volume in the past 24 hours saw a significant increase, reaching $62.5 billion, an increase of 17.13% from the day before.

Today, May 27, let’s take a deeper look at the major cryptos and their price movements.

Top Crypto Prices Today

Bitcoin price

The price action of the flagship crypto has been very turbulent over the past 24 hours, trading in both red and green territory. At the time of writing, the price of BTC is at $69,001.03, a marginal increase of 0.08% from the past day.

The token had a market cap of $1.35 trillion, while its 24-hour trading volume was $17.18 billion. Furthermore, the 24-hour lows and highs are $68,183.89 and $69,506.23 respectively, highlighting BTC’s highly volatile movement.

Ethereum price

Meanwhile, the optimism from the ETF approval seems to have finally filtered through for Ethereum. ETH’s price trajectory illustrated a notable increase, rising 4.24% over the past day to $3,926.05. The 24-hour lows and highs are $3,742.07 and $3,936.70, respectively.

Solana Price

On the other hand, SOL’s price chart showed a trading session mainly in the red over the past 24 hours. At the time of writing, Solana’s price rested at $165.30, down 0.54% from yesterday. The 24-hour lows and highs were recorded as $161.26 and $166.90.

XRP price

Also, the Ripple Labs-backed cryptocurrency witnessed a 1.58% decline in value in the past 24 hours, to $0.5314. The 24-hour lows and highs are $0.5266 and $0.54, respectively.

Pepe Coin reaches new ATH

Furthermore, PEPE has continued to lead the meme coin industry with unprecedented gains. The price of Pepe Coin rose 10.75% to $0.00001651 over the past day. The 24-hour lows and highs are $0.00001479 and $0.00001683, with the high also being PEPE’s new ATH.

Conversely, prices of Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) fell by 1-4%.

Top Crypto Gainers for Today

JasmyCoin (JASMY) rose 28.46% over the past day and is currently trading at $0.02809.
Ethereum Name Service (ENS) the price rose by 11.19% and stands at $26.12.
Pepe (PEPE) The price rose 10.75% to $0.00001651.
Synthetic (SNX) the price rose 9.75% to $3.21.

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Top Crypto Losers for Today

Ondo (ONDO) The stock fell 5.73% over the past day to trade at $1.23.
Core (CORE) The price fell 6.45% to $2.08.
NEAR Protocol (NEAR) The price fell 3.58% to $7.87 in the past day.
dog hat (WIF) the price fell 3.72% to $3.

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