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Freeway and Jake One Engage Jadakiss for New Single “Ringin”: Stream

By Vaseline May26,2024
Freeway and Jake One Engage Jadakiss for New Single “Ringin”: Stream

At one time Freeway and Jadakiss had beef, but they have since called it quits in the name of making more great music, and not robbing the fans of it. Plus, the two lyricists glided over a Jake One beat on their new single “Ringin,” which is as badass and bombastic as you’d expect from an East Coast banger. Both MCs deliver confident and energetically delivered verses, and the instrumental’s use of boisterous horns, a stark drum break, and occasionally bruised synths create a very lush and triumphant sound. In fact, Free has spoken quite a bit in recent months about how rap beef has hurt him to his core, so it’s great to see some squashing to make these comments resonate even further.

In terms of lyrical content, Jadakiss and Freeway talk about a lot of the usual stuff: the contrast between street life and industry success, material privilege, funny spitters, hard work, and so on. While the bars themselves aren’t exactly anything to write home about, they both deliver them in such a distinctive and unique way, whether it’s the Philly rapper’s aggressive screams or the almost…It is what it is the menacing growl of the cohost, that they will strike hard no matter what. On the other hand, Jake One’s production doesn’t change much either, with the same drum and horn loops offering as much space as possible for the lyricists. Some formulas are just too good to die out.

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Freeway & Jake One’s “Ringin” featuring Jadakiss: Stream and watch the music video

In the meantime, we’re sure these artists have at least a few more placements to look forward to in 2024. If not, we’ll be satisfied with hearing their current take on the rap game and soaking up that knowledge. If you haven’t heard Freeway, Jake One and Jadakiss’ “Ringin” yet, find it on your preferred streaming service or watch the music video above. Below are some notable bars and the comments section is there too for your thoughts on the song. As always, come back to for more great music, 24 hours a day HNHH.

Quotable texts
Making laundry bags in a stowaway house,
We had to fight through the confusion, we had to shoot our way out,
Shout out to all the women who hold lead in their blouses,
This street life is an illusion, it is a better way out

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