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March against administrative detention of Jews in Israel – Israel News

By Vaseline May26,2024
March against administrative detention of Jews in Israel – Israel News

Women and children gathered Wednesday for a march in support of nine Jewish administrative prisoners currently being held, according to Ayelet Hashachar, the mother of an 18-year-old currently being held.

The march was also in support of 22 Jewish people who have been subject to administrative conditions, she said

Administrative prisoners are held by the state without trial, for the security of the state or the public. The vast majority of administrative detainees are Palestinian, and detainees can be held without trial and for a flexible length of time, which the state can extend.

Not valid internationally

Over the years, at times the US and frequently Europe have criticized Israel for its use of administrative detention. This type of detention may not be valid in the eyes of the US, Europe and much of the human rights community because it shortens standard criminal procedures and rights.

According to the Israeli Democracy Institute, administrative detention poses complex problems. Some of these problems include the tension it creates between the principle of due process, the challenges posed by drawing conclusions about what the future will be from the past, and the changing bar for what is considered dangerous, which could lead to a slippery slope, the IDI said.

Photos from the march (credit: Courtesy)

These detentions violate basic human rights and must be categorically banned, according to the Israeli research site HaAyin HaShevi’it.

According to Ayelet Hashahar, hundreds of women and children marched around the Israeli Supreme Court towards the Knesset to show their support for the prisoners. It was “a statement from mothers that they are proud of their children.”

When asked why the detainees, especially her son, are being held, Ayelet Hashsar said she has no idea and wishes she knew.

“We will continue to fight for them,” Otzma Yehudit MK Limor Son Har-Melech told the protesters. “As much as they try to demonize and delegitimize them… because I know who these people are, and I know they are being arrested under draconian conditions, without evidence and without a court.”

Shai, the father of one of the prisoners, said the whole case was one of political persecution. “We are proud of our children and we will not stop protesting until everyone is free and we will not stop there – we will insist that the State of Israel apologize to these heroes.”

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