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Patient found dissected in hospital storage room due to staff negligence

By Vaseline May31,2024
Patient found dissected in hospital storage room due to staff negligence

MIANWALI – The decomposed body of an elderly patient has been discovered in a storeroom of the District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ) in Mianwali, indicating a serious case of negligence by the hospital staff.

Reports indicate that Rescue 1122 personnel took an injured elderly man to DHQ Hospital after an accident in Tehsil Isakhel in February. The patient, identified as Mohammad Ali, son of Mohammad Asif, suffered a broken leg.

No family members visited him during his stay in the hospital. It later turned out that the injured man was mentally handicapped and had difficulty speaking. Due to complaints from other patients in the general ward, he was moved to a side room.

A few days ago, during a visit of the Punjab Health Minister, a hospital staff, fearing offensive behavior from the patient, shifted him from the side room to an empty storeroom. The storage room door was locked, but after the Health Minister’s visit ended, the staff forgot to take the patient out of the storage room.

A few days later, a foul odor began to spread through the hospital, prompting staff to investigate. When they opened the locked storage room, they found the decomposed body of the elderly patient.

When Mianwali Deputy Commissioner Khalid Javed Goraya heard about the incident, he rushed to DHQ Hospital and ordered an immediate investigation. An investigation committee has been established, led by DHO (HR) Dr. Rafiq Khan, to investigate the incident. The cause of death will be determined based on the post-mortem report. The hospital administration, unable to identify the body, buried it as an unidentified person.

Medical Superintendent Dr. Amir Ahmed Khan described the incident as extremely tragic and stated that an investigation is underway to identify those responsible. He stressed that all available facilities were provided to the patient, but acknowledged that the incident was unacceptable.

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