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“Netflix of AI” brings Black Mirror to life with a bizarre new streaming platform

By Vaseline May31,2024
“Netflix of AI” brings Black Mirror to life with a bizarre new streaming platform

A bizarre new streaming platform has arrived, described as the “Netflix of AI,” and it’s just one step away from a Black Mirror episode.

Black Mirror Season 7 may still be a long way off, but soon you can actually experience it with a new streaming service that uses the power of artificial intelligence to allow you to create your own series.

Fable Studio has been dabbling in this world since its inception, releasing an AI-generated episode of South Park last year to show the world what its technology can do.

Now the company has announced the first phase of its Showrunner platform, an app that allows users to create their own content with prompts such as characters, storylines and shot types.

To demonstrate these skills, Fable released two episodes of the Showrunner-produced series, a cartoon titled Exit Valley – which is like a mix of South Park and Rick and Morty.

It’s a satirical look at Silicon Valley, with the description: “Showrunner shows aren’t like regular TV shows; they are powered by simulations built by Fable Simulation.

​”Our first show, Exit Valley, is powered by Sim Francisco, a simulation of the vibrant heart of Silicon Valley. Upload yourself, your friends and your characters to Sim Francisco and use them in shows.”

According to Fable, Showrunner’s waitlist currently stands at 50,000, but it is currently offering users the chance to sign up for the Alpha program.

About the app, CEO Edward Saatchi said in a statement (via IndieWire): “The next Netflix won’t be purely passive; you’re at home, describe the show you want to watch and start watching in a minute or two.

“Finish a show you enjoy and make new episodes, and even put yourself and your friends in episodes – fight aliens, in your favorite sitcom and solve crimes.”

“Our South Park episodes were a research project that took on a life of its own,” he added.

“Given people’s overwhelming desire to create their own TV episodes, we built Showrunner as an AI Netflix to power original works of art that can stand the test of time, and let people bring their stories to life. ”

Although it currently dabbles in animated shows, the app doesn’t sound much different than the plot of the Black Mirror season 6 episode “Joan is Awful.”

In this saga, a Netflix-like streaming platform called Streamberry uses AI to create TV shows, except that instead of animation, it pulls directly from subscribers’ real lives.

The episode was yet another example of Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker having his finger on the button, having released it at the same time that Hollywood’s actors and writers were going on strike over a host of issues, including the use of AI.

This technology continues to raise concerns within the industry, with films like Late Night With the Devil and shows like True Detective coming under fire for featuring AI-generated imagery.

The fear is that it will steal creative jobs and we will live in a dystopian Black Mirror scenario.

There has been a lot of concern about Showrunner, with commentators sharing their thoughts when Fable released its AI-generated South Park last year.

“AI knows no irony. It has never been in love, horny, jealous. Never had a childhood trauma, had a child-parent-teacher relationship. The list is endless,” someone wrote on Reddit. “Of course AI can write. But it cannot write humor, parody, or pathos. That is a human thing.”

Another said: “It’s basically proof of what Hollywood and these AI bros want: quickly made crap. AI definitely plays an important role in our future, but why everyone wants it to replace artists’ jobs is beyond me.”

However, not everyone is against the idea. One of them says: “Great! We live in fascinating times.”


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