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From incredible cuisine to unique accommodations, there has never been a better time to visit Rosewood Bangkok

By Vaseline May31,2024
From incredible cuisine to unique accommodations, there has never been a better time to visit Rosewood Bangkok

ROSEWOOD BANGKOK IS BUZZ with exciting developments, making this now the perfect opportunity to experience or re-experience this iconic property in Ploenchit.

In a bold initiative to deepen its connection with authentic Thai culture and cuisine, Rosewood Bangkok has revitalized and reinvigorated the all-day restaurant menu, from Lakorn European Brasserie to simply Lakorn, with a renewed emphasis on real Thai cuisine. This transformation invites guests to experience unique gastronomic adventures that are deeply rooted in the essence of the hotel’s location.

The hotel’s facade features sloping structures inspired by the Thai wai gesture.

The intimate 158-room property is a landmark in the central business district, with the iconic twin ramps marking the 30-storey building.

The design of Rosewood Bangkok is a creative expression of Thai culture. The hotel’s facade features sloping structures inspired by the Thai wai gesture, while interior designer Celia Chu has combined fine materials with Thai fabrics, art and carvings to create richly textured and timeless designs.

Thai motifs are injected in surprising ways, such as the traditional Thai dance-inspired light curtains. The hotel showcases established and emerging Thai artists, with artwork strategically placed throughout. The residential-style rooms feature warm color tones and subtle Thai-inspired accents.

A beautiful lobby with subtle Thai-inspired accents

This artistic sensibility resonates throughout the hotel, from the rooms and suites to the spacious ‘houses’, the most luxurious accommodations designed to evoke a sense of warmth and luxury. Each of the hotel’s three ‘houses’ is decorated with books, accessories, art and decorations, curated to represent the experiences and memories of a cosmopolitan family.

The renewed Lakorn

Lakorn’s updated menu now showcases authentic Thai dishes from the kingdom’s four culinary regions. Guests can look forward to a tempting selection of snacks, homemade curries, soups, stir-fries, exotic regional dishes and plant-based offerings.

Prepare for dishes like kanom jeen nam ngeow, a spicy noodle soup with dried red cottonwood flowers and red chili from Northern Thailand; khao soi gai, a rich curry noodle soup with chicken thighs, also from the north; and yum nam khao tod, a salad of fermented pork and crispy rice from the northeast, packed with Thai spices. Southern Thai cuisine is represented by dishes such as pad sarm chun, a stir-fried dish of glass noodles with succulent shrimp. Complete your gastronomic adventure with traditional delicacies such as bua loy and khao jie i-tim ma phrao.

One element the new Lakorn maintains is its collaboration with local farmers and suppliers, including partnerships with Little Goat Farm, Sampran Farm and Raitong Farm, emphasizing a menu that celebrates local cuisine and supports indigenous agriculture.

A private affair in Nan Bei’s Private Dining Room.

Elsewhere on site, the unique Nan Bei dining space, which translates to ‘South and North’ in Chinese, allows guests to enjoy a true Chinese culinary journey in a creatively designed art deco setting. The restaurant’s offering showcases the use of top quality ingredients to prepare traditional Chinese dishes that stay true to their roots. One of the standout items on the menu is the dim sum selection. Nan Bei’s commitment to authenticity and quality is evident in every aspect of the dining experience, from the artfully presented plates to the tastefully decorated surroundings.

End each evening with a nightcap at Lennon’s bar, a stylish speakeasy on the hotel’s top floor, designed as a playful tribute to a home recording studio and featuring a 6,000-record vinyl collection. Lennon’s bar offers immersive design experiences and transports guests to a bygone era. A spiral staircase leads to a cozy cigar lounge. The intimate inner sanctum, illuminated by low-light lamps, serves cocktails inspired by music genres and iconic artists, such as John Lennon and Frank Sinatra, against a backdrop of Bangkok’s city lights.

Your own house’

Manor Suite living room

Rosewood Bangkok has an extraordinary selection of 15 carefully crafted accommodations, including distinctive rooms, signature suites and groundbreaking ‘homes’ that are unparalleled in the city. These residences feature expansive elevated outdoor terraces, complete with private plunge pools and unobstructed views of the city skyline and lush adjacent parks, visible through expansive floor-to-ceiling windows.

Experience the grandeur of Nara House, a retreat that reflects the residence of a world-traveling art lover. The interior showcases sensual sculptures and avant-garde paintings by emerging Thai artists, while vibrant Jim Thompson jacquard textiles pay tribute to a Thai artistic legacy. Geometric chandeliers in the 189 m² oasis give the space sophistication and allure.

Thara House Plunge Pool

Spanning 208 sqm, Thara House offers a light and airy atmosphere immersed in shades of silver and jade, complementing the private terrace with plunge pool. Nara House and Thara House can be joined with adjoining Premier Suites, creating spacious two-bedroom private accommodations.

Rosewood Bangkok’s truly unique and unforgettable ‘homes’ and Lakorn’s exciting menu demonstrate the hotel’s commitment to offering unparalleled luxury and immersive Thai culture. Rosewood Bangkok remains a landmark property that caters to diverse lifestyles and discerning travelers seeking sophistication and authenticity.

For more information, visit and connect with Rosewood Bangkok: Facebook, Instagram, WeChat @RosewoodHotels.

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Images courtesy of Rosewood Bangkok.

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