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Woman explains what solo travelers should do while checking into a hotel

By Vaseline May31,2024
Woman explains what solo travelers should do while checking into a hotel

Solo travel has become quite popular these days. Both men and women go off alone to explore beautiful places around the world. Women often face many problems when traveling alone. They must also ensure their safety. Even if you go to the hotel, check whether they are being recorded and whether there is a conspiracy being hatched against them. To avoid all these problems, a woman recently shared some safety tips. Not only women, but also men and people traveling with family can protect themselves by taking these safety measures. Let’s see. The fragment was placed on X. In the video, the woman shares safety tips for female travelers. She first tells people what she does to protect herself every time she goes to an Airbnb. The methods she describes can be quite complicated; she had brought a lot of stuff with her to achieve her ‘safety goals’ as well.

The woman first covers the peephole in the door of her room. This allows you to look outside from the inside. She is seen putting a bandage around it. Then she placed a coin on the door handle. After this, she brought a special kind of key ring, which she puts between the door and the wall. She also had a special camera with her, which she hangs on the walls of the hotel room. Then she also had a light with a special sensor, with which she checks the mirror, phone and other things. This will help her find the hidden camera if it is placed in the room. Finally, to ensure cleanliness, she wiped the things she was going to use with the tissue paper she brought from home, and finally put a cover over the dresser.

The video was shared on May 29, 2024 and has been viewed 20.5 million times to date. Many people have expressed their reactions by commenting. Some users are trolling this woman. They say that if she is so worried about herself, she should stay home and not go out. One said the woman has a phobia that could make her feel like everyone wants to kill her.

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