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In Porsche Crash, a blood sample riddle for the police: who was the mysterious woman with Pune teen in hospital?

By Vaseline May31,2024
In Porsche Crash, a blood sample riddle for the police: who was the mysterious woman with Pune teen in hospital?

After experts suggested that the altered blood samples in the accused Pune Porsche crash case were that of a woman, speculations arose that the altered samples were that of the teenager’s mother. Police are now trying to investigate two things: the identity of the ‘mystery woman’ seen at the hospital with the teenage driver and the DNA from the mixed up blood sample.

As the never-ending story of twists and turns continued in the case on Friday, a police official said in the court that the CCTV footage from Pune’s Sassoon Hospital showed that the teenage driver was accompanied by his parents, an unidentified woman and two elderly people . people.

According to sources, police are trying to find out who the ‘mystery woman’ was and whether it was her blood samples that were used to tamper with the suspect’s blood samples.

Sources said police were also trying to verify claims that the blood sample was exchanged with that of the suspect’s mother.

Meanwhile, the teen’s mother, Shivani Agrawal, has been on the run for more than 48 hours. She went incommunicado after police recorded her statement. Sources say she has fled Pune.

Official sources said police would verify whether the replaced blood sample was that of the mother by matching it with the teenager’s DNA.

The minor suspect’s mother, Shivani, came to prominence after a video was widely circulated on social media, claiming that her son had uploaded a rap video on the day he was released on bail. But she had clarified that the video with her son is ‘fake’.

According to News18 According to sources, the Pune crime branch has also drafted some nurses, who are part of the staff of Sassoon Hospital. They are being questioned about the exchange of the blood samples, she added.


Sassoon Hospital doctors submitted their report to the inquiry panel on Wednesday (May 29). The Maharashtra Department of Medical Education (MME) on May 27 formed the committee headed by Dr Pallavi Sapale, dean of Mumbai-based Grants Medical College, after police alleged that the teenager’s blood samples were thrown away and replaced with samples of someone else, which showed that no blood samples had been taken. traces of alcohol, at Sassoon General Hospital in Pune.

Police have arrested Dr Ajay Taware, head of the forensic medicine department at the state-run hospital, chief medical officer Dr Shrihari Halnor and staffer Atul Ghatkamble in connection with the incident.

Two IT professionals in their 20s were killed after their motorcycle was hit by a speeding Porsche, driven by a 17-year-old, in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar area in the early hours of May 19. According to police, the teenager, son of builder Vishal Agarwal, was drunk at the time.

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