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TN government warns people against fake international job offers

By Vaseline May26,2024
TN government warns people against fake international job offers

Chennai, May 26 The Tamil Nadu government has warned people against fake international job offers and also warned recruitment agencies against sending people abroad for fake jobs.

The Ministry of Welfare of Non-Resident Tamils ​​has said that strict legal action will be taken against such bodies.

The department said there were reports that several people were sent to Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar on tourist visas under the guise of IT and software jobs. The department warned people that these people are being used for illegal online activities.

The department said people who refuse to work illegally online are subjected to torture, including electric shock, after reaching these countries.

The department said it had already rescued 83 Tamil people from the racket after receiving complaints.

It added that these fake jobs are mainly in digital sales and customer support services. “Many dubious companies are defrauding people in the name of cryptocurrencies. Most of the time, call centers are behind these fake jobs,” the department said.

The department said officers in Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore and India are recruiting people from across the country.

“The Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone in Laos and Thailand is one of the main hubs of such illegal and fraudulent businesses. Some recruits were even taken hostage and forced to work under harsh mental and physical conditions,” the department said.

The department said those convicted of human trafficking crimes in Laos have been sentenced to 18 years.

“Tamil people are requested to exercise extreme caution and verify the recruitment agents and any company before accepting the job offer,” the department said.

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