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State House reveals ‘friends’ who offered Ruto Private Jet for less than Sh10 million

By Vaseline May31,2024
State House reveals ‘friends’ who offered Ruto Private Jet for less than Sh10 million

There is no way I can spend Ksh200 million. I am not a crazy man – President Ruto.

says State House now the United Arab Emirates government offered the private jet that President William Ruto used to travel to the United States of America for less than Ksh 10 million.

In a statement to newsrooms on Thursday, May 30, State Hosue spokesperson Hussein Mohamed pointed out that Kenya has many friends with whom they can work together.

“As explained by the President on Thursday, the cost of the plane he traveled on is for the historic and successful American state visit was offered at a relatively low price by friends of Kenya cheap. In this particular case, the United Arab Emirates government made the offer aircraft for less than KSh10 million.

‘This is how countries operate, support each other and work together for mutual benefit prosperity, and there are plenty of examples to illustrate this,” part of the statement read.

He added: “At less than KSh10 million, this was the most efficient and economical way for the The President and his delegation will undertake a trip of this magnitude.”

File Image of State Hosue spokesperson Hussein Mohamed.

Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast at the Safari Park Hotel on Thursday, the Head of State said he is a responsible steward and there is no way he could spend Sh200 million on an aircraft as previous reports suggested.

“I am a very responsible steward, believe me. There is no way I can spend Ksh200 million. Let me say it honestly here. It has cost the Republic of Kenya less than Ksh10 million. I am not a crazy man,” said the Prime Minister. the chairman noted.

The President claimed that when some of his friends, who now turned out to be the UAE government, heard that he was going to use a KQ flight, they offered him a plane for Sh10 million.

“We have built a great reputation as a country. Some friends asked me, ‘how much do you want to pay?’ Then I said I am not willing to pay more than Sh20 million. They said, ‘Bring Sh10 million and we will give you the plane,'” the President noted.

Here is the video;

President Ruto chartered a Boeing 737-700 business jet from the Abu Dhabi-based Royal Jet group to travel to the US.

Hiring such a bird would cost Ksh100 million for a one-way trip with 34 passengers and a return trip would also cost the same amount.

Details revealed that the aircraft could cost more than Ksh2 million per hour and that this would vary depending on the route, schedule and number of passengers, among other factors.

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