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Families mourn young Cuban women who died in Las Vegas

By Vaseline May31,2024
Families mourn young Cuban women who died in Las Vegas

Thaylien Brindis And Eliany Gomezthe two Cuban women who tragically died in March Vegaswere buried in their hometown Santiago de Cuba this Wednesday. Relatives shared details of the funerals on Facebook and concluded services in the eastern city on May 29.

Madelayne Lopez IsaacThaylien’s aunt, posted a heartfelt message on Facebook, accompanied by photos from the wake, in which family and friends wore t-shirts with Thaylien’s image.

“Yesterday, May 29, 2024, we finally gave a Christian funeral to our girl Thay Brindis in our hometown. Rest in peace, my love, your Mumi, your godmother, and all your loved ones will never forget you. Fly high, princess, may shine eternal light on you, just as it did during your lifetime,” López wrote.

The aunt praised her niece, who died at the age of 29: “A queen is going up, the queen of our lives, the queen of my heart, a very cheerful, cheerful, wonderful daughter, affectionate, loving, respectful, a true friend, confident, intelligent, a wonderful person, sociable, generous, helpful, charismatic, kind, an excellent hairdresser, the best cook, elegant, vain, a good sister, an excellent niece and goddaughter, she had a My girl had everything to be happy, but she was also very envied because she was unique and special.”

‘It is forbidden to forget you, Thaylien. Everyone who truly knew you and loved you will remember you with joy every day of our lives,” López continued, thanking those who supported the family during these difficult times, including those who were present at the farewell. via video calls.

She also expressed her gratitude to the thousands of people whose financial contributions made it possible to repatriate Thaylien’s body to Cuba.

Jennifer Bergues, a friend of Eliany, reported Tuesday that Eliany’s body was transported from Havana to Santiago and arrived that night. Bergues noted that Eliany would be mourned at the Calvario funeral home from that night until the early hours of Wednesday, with the funeral likely to take place in the morning.

“A hug to heaven, Ely. Rest in peace,” she said.

The young women’s bodies arrived in Havana last Saturday, two months after their deaths in the United States, but Cuban authorities delayed transport and delivery to their families, citing a fuel shortage.

The families criticized the obstacles in transporting the bodies, attributing them to the inefficiency and “lack of respect, empathy, sensitivity, ethics and feelings” of the government officials, whom they called “corrupt.”

Eliany and Thay died on March 24 in Las Vegas, where they both lived. According to reports shared by family and friends on social media, the young women suffered a fatal drug overdose after someone spiked their drinks at a bar. The results of the police investigation into the case are still unknown.

Thaylien had a young daughter in Cuba and lived in the eastern city’s Sueño neighborhood before emigrating to the US in February this year. Her friend Eliany was the mother of an eight-year-old boy named Christopher and grew up in the Santa Bárbara neighborhood.

Following the tragic news, family and friends sought help through the GoFundMe platform to raise the necessary funds to repatriate their bodies and bury them in their home countries, in accordance with the wishes of their respective families.

Details surrounding the tragic deaths of Thaylien Brindis and Eliany Gómez

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about the unfortunate events and the subsequent actions of the families and authorities.

What caused the deaths of Thaylien Brindis and Eliany Gómez?

According to reports shared by family and friends on social media, Thaylien and Eliany suffered a fatal drug overdose after someone spiked their drinks at a Las Vegas bar.

Why was there a delay in the repatriation of their bodies to Cuba?

Cuban authorities delayed the transport and delivery of the bodies due to a fuel shortage. The families criticized this delay, attributing it to government inefficiency and a lack of empathy.

How did the families manage to repatriate the bodies?

Family and friends have raised the necessary money through the GoFundMe platform to repatriate the bodies and give them a proper burial in their home country.

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