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The season 20 finale of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ puts the jobs of most of the doctors at Gray Sloan in jeopardy; Should fans be concerned?

By Vaseline May31,2024
The season 20 finale of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ puts the jobs of most of the doctors at Gray Sloan in jeopardy;  Should fans be concerned?

SPOILER ALERT: The story includes details about ABC’s Season 20 finale Grey’s anatomy.

Over the past two decades, Grey’s anatomy has turned season finale cliffhangers into an art form, and as it concluded its twentieth season, the venerable medical drama did not disappoint.

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The final episode – appropriately ambiguously titled “Burn It Down,” as it takes place during a massive forest fire – was a hit.

After the false pregnancy alarm in episode 5, Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Link (Chris Carmack) agreed that they would like to have a baby someday. That day came much sooner than either of them had hoped: tests done after Jo fainted revealed that she was pregnant, a fact she was reluctant to share with the expectant father, pushing that conversation to season 21.

Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) also left us hanging with a bomb he casually dropped, revealing to Adams (Niko Terho) that a wildfire victim with amnesia was his ex-fiance. Since he casually mentioned an ex-girlfriend for the first time in the last episode, the existence of an ex-fiancé is certainly a development that needs to be seriously explored next season.

By the end of the episode, no one’s life was more at stake than the last Grey’s anatomy The season is coming to an end, but most of the doctors – including all the interns – found themselves at a crossroads in their careers, with their jobs at Gray Sloan in limbo, raising questions about the future of the actors on the show. (More on that later.)

'Grey's Anatomy' – “Burn It Down” – Ellen Pompeo;  photo: Disney/Anne Marie Fox'Grey's Anatomy' – “Burn It Down” – Ellen Pompeo;  photo: Disney/Anne Marie Fox

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – “Burn It Down” – Ellen Pompeo; photo: Disney/Anne Marie Fox

The list includes Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) co-conspirators for her secret Alzheimer’s research Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Teddy (Kim Raver), both of whom were fired by Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen) after Meredith fired her boss at the Catherine Fox Foundation had defied by refusing to give up on the project and hand over all its notes to Koracick. Instead, she published a summary of the research online.

Owen (Kevin McKidd) also discovered his badge was deactivated after he stood up to Catherine and refused to fire Teddy from the team that tried to save the life – and leg – of Station 19by Theo Ruiz. (It was a good decision, as they did this successfully, with Teddy as the team’s MVP.)

For a moment, the season 20 finale felt like a repeat of season 19’s finale, with two interns tending to a patient in an OR who subsequently died. This time it was Millin (Adelaide Kane) and Yasuda (Midori Francis) under the supervision of Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.).

The death rocked Richard, whose confidence had already been shaken by his near-sobriety in the season 19 finale, which he spent the season rebuilding.

“I think my time might be up,” he told Meredith. “I know I’ve said it before, I know I’ve taken breaks in the OR in the past, but this time it feels different. I feel like I have to think about putting down the scalpel.

'Grey's Anatomy' – “Burn It Down” – Anthony Hall, James Pickens Jr.;  photo: Disney/Anne Marie Fox'Grey's Anatomy' – “Burn It Down” – Anthony Hall, James Pickens Jr.;  photo: Disney/Anne Marie Fox

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – “Burn It Down” – Anthony Hall, James Pickens Jr.; photo: Disney/Anne Marie Fox

Fortunately, Richard eventually realized that the patient’s death was not the result of the interns’ actions, which made him feel better about his judgment and possibly reconsider his retirement plans.

After firing Meredith, Amelia, Teddy, and Owen, Catherine wasn’t done yet. She was about to honor GME’s recommendation to have Adams repeat as a first-year intern when the rest of the interns (and some random people in scrubs behind them) entered the room to defend him.

“We don’t want to leave or lose anyone,” said Griffith (Alexis Floyd), who recently rekindled her romance with Adams. She had been sounding the alarm throughout the episode that Adams, who got the highest score on the big test, might leave after being offered a job at the Chicago Heart Center where Maggie works.

Griffith’s attempted threat, “If Adams goes…” was quickly cut short by Catherine, who bluntly told the interns that she could replace them the next day.

That led to the ultimate power move from Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who had an emotional rollercoaster of an episode, fighting to save Theo while worrying about her husband Ben as he fought the bushfires on the front lines. (Who can blame her for having a pit in her stomach after those ominous parting words from Ben: “I love you Miranda Bailey, I always have, I always will”). To cap off an episode of power moves, she delivered the biggest one by waltzing in. and confront Catherine: “What about me? Can you replace me?” in the final cliffhanger of the finale.

'Grey's Anatomy' – “Burn It Down” – Debbie Allen;  photo: Disney/Anne Marie Fox'Grey's Anatomy' – “Burn It Down” – Debbie Allen;  photo: Disney/Anne Marie Fox

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – “Burn It Down” – Debbie Allen; photo: Disney/Anne Marie Fox

We will have to wait until the fall for Catherine’s answer. As for the future of the cast, as Deadline exclusively reported, Jake Borelli and Midori Francis will be leaving. All other series regulars have signed on to return next season, although the veteran cast members likely won’t appear in every episode, with each potentially skipping a few.

As expected, Borelli and Francis have struck deals to return in the fall and package their characters’ stories into multiple episodes. Indeed, the season 20 finale provided no closure for Levi and Yasuda.

There was some suspicion that Borelli’s Levi ultimately got Beltran’s (Natalie Morales) recommendation for the pediatrician fellowship he was pursuing, but this was contingent on his good score on the test and he landed in the mediocre 62nd percentile.

“I want to rethink my whole life,” he told Helm (Jaicy Elliot) when he saw his result.

Nothing stood out about Yasuda, who was in the same boat as the other interns who spoke up on Adams’ behalf. Just before the four stormed Catherine’s office, she shared an intimate moment with Millin in which the two almost kissed.

A married couple that did The kiss in the final minutes of the finale was Meredith and Nick (Scott Speedman) who had flown in from Boston to profess his love again, despite Meredith making it very difficult for him to be part of her life, something he acknowledged .

“I’m in, I’ve been in, I can’t seem to get out,” he said, telling Meredith that he would follow her anywhere she wanted to move after the secret investigation debacle, even if he would like them to do that. partners moving forward.

She responded with a grand gesture of her own, revealing that she had just made an offer on the Chestnut Hill house he mentioned in the last episode as a place they could make a home together.

In other romantic developments, Beltran and Ndugu (Anthony Hill) are now officially one Gray couple after opening the finale by waking up together and closing it by making arrangements for a second date.

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