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Chess tournament: Vedant has Kartavya as the best player and draws | Jaipur News

By Vaseline May30,2024
Chess tournament: Vedant has Kartavya as the best player and draws |  Jaipur News

Jaipur: The first Open Classical Fide Rating Chess tournament of 2024 continued to produce surprising results here on Thursday. Kartavya Anadkat, the best player, was held to a draw by low-ranked Vedant Varasada. Kartavya, who has an Elo rating of 2152, found Vedant, Elo rating 1766, a tough nut to crack and had to settle for a draw in the top board battle. Both Kartavya and Vedant have 3.5 points to their name and jointly shared the second spot. However, the most shocking result came on the second board when No. 2 seed Srayan Majumder was stunned by Ujjwal Deep. Shrayan, Elo rating of 2134, was upset by Ujjwal, who has a low rating of 1767. Fourth seed Arpan Das, fifth seed Arun Kataria, sixth seed S Badrinath, seventh seed Shriraj Bhosale and other seeds registered fourth consecutive wins for the top spot with four points each. Key Results (Round 4) Vedant Varasada (3.5) drew with Kartavya Anadkat (3.5); Shrayan Majumder (3) lost to Deep Ujjwal (4); Arpan Das (4) bt Prajwal Avhad (3); Anirban Basu (3) lost to Arun Kataria (4); S Badrinath (4) bt Pranay Chordia (3); Ramanuj Mishra (3) lost to Shriraj Bhosale (4); Harshit Sahu (4) and Hitansh Jain (3); Bharat Bansal (3) lost to Kishan Kumar (4); Ranjan Sudhanshu (4) and Milind Gawade (3); Avinya Singh (3) lost to Vandan Sawai (4). tnn

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