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Woman gets to see THIS after booking a sea view hotel in Italy and we can’t stop laughing

By Vaseline May26,2024
Woman gets to see THIS after booking a sea view hotel in Italy and we can’t stop laughing

When planning holidays, hotel bookings are among the most important things to tick off. But after spending thousands of dollars on those extra comfortable and luxurious rooms, getting the exact opposite is nothing short of a nightmare. The same was the case with a holidaymaker who was left outraged after booking a hotel room with a sea view, only to discover the big lie behind it. Clarisa Murgia recently went on a trip to Italy, where she booked a more expensive room for that ideal ‘sea view’.

Swept away by the spectacular views it had to offer, the influencer paid extra for the room to experience the promised “vacation of a lifetime” across Europe. Clarisa, originally from Argentina, eventually fell prey to the false promise and discovered the unexpected sea view. To her surprise, the sea was visible from the balcony, but a wall poster of the building across the road reads in a Mirror- report.

The woman shared the video on social media platforms and narrated the unpleasant experience she had during her stay. “I rented a B&B with a ‘sea view’. I feel cheated, guys. No one has ever cheated on me like this haha,” she wrote in Spanish with the caption “Expectations vs Reality.”

Her video attracted a lot of comments on the platform, with users even leaving hilarious comments. One user wrote: “I’m sorry but this is hilarious,” while another added: “NOS. One person shared their own experience, noting: “It happened to me with a window, it said there were windows and when we opened the curtains, it was a picture.” One user joked: “Even my ex didn’t lie that much.”


One user even tried to give a technical response, stating that Murgia was given a real ocean, but not a real one.

It is notable that this is not the first such incident. Earlier, a tourist had a strange experience after finding guests having dinner at a restaurant just inches away from her hotel window. While booking her room, she saw an advertisement promising a window view with a beautiful view of the city skyline. However, everything went in vain after she drew the curtains and discovered the unexpected scenario of people enjoying their meals less than a meter away on the other side of the glass.

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