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The prices for Aldi products are often better than those of Costco. This is why I buy products at Costco anyway

By Vaseline May30,2024
The prices for Aldi products are often better than those of Costco.  This is why I buy products at Costco anyway

I have been a loyal Costco member for many years. And since I have a family of five to feed, it’s common for me to buy groceries in bulk at Costco, including the produce.

But about a year ago, a friend of mine mentioned that she had been shopping at Aldi a lot because of the ultra-low prices. So I followed her suggestion to give it a try, and sure enough, I’ve discovered that Aldi’s prices are often competitive with Costco’s when it comes to produce – something I buy a lot of.

But while Aldi’s produce prices are sometimes more competitive, I usually stick to Costco for my fruits and vegetables. This is why.

It’s a matter of convenience

A major disadvantage of shopping at Aldi is that the selection is far from consistent. This also applies in the context of fresh produce and long-life products.

My first few trips to Aldi to buy produce were relatively successful. But in recent months I have completely come out of the closet at Aldi.

Either some of the products on my list will no longer be there, or the products they have left will be the shriveled, withered version. When you buy fruits and vegetables, you want to walk away.

Now you might be wondering, “Why not stop at Aldi for produce and head to Costco if you don’t end up getting everything on your list?” That’s a good suggestion in theory.

The problem is that as a busy, full-time working mother of three, I often don’t have time to make the extra trip to another store. And as a self-employed writer who gets paid per assignment, the more time I have to spend creating extra messages, the less time I have to spend at my desk making money.

To put it another way: me power save myself a good $5 to $10 on my weekly take if Aldi has everything I need – and that’s a pretty big ‘if’. But if making the extra stop costs me $50 in income, then it’s not worth it. So I often prefer to just buy products at Costco because it’s more secure.

Costco’s cash back often helps me get ahead financially

It’s true that Aldi sometimes has lower prices than Costco. But at Costco I can get 4% cash back on my product purchases.

The first 2% comes from my Executive membership. The second 2% comes from my Costco Anywhere Visa® Card from Citi, which also gives me 2% on Costco purchases.

What happens so often is that the amount of money I get at Costco makes up for the savings I miss out on by skipping Aldi – or at least comes close. And unlike Aldi, it’s pretty rare for Costco to do that not have every product item on my list.

Considering how expensive groceries have become, trust me when I say that I’m constantly trying to think of ways to spend less on them. But those methods have to make sense given my broad situation.

If you are self-employed and have limited time, you may decide to avoid Aldi due to its inconsistent selection and stick to stores where the selection is more certain. That way you don’t waste time that you could be using to make money. And if that makes financial sense for you, then so be it.

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