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From bar to gym, his wife shows the way for this Kerala bodybuilder | Health

By Vaseline May26,2024
From bar to gym, his wife shows the way for this Kerala bodybuilder |  Health

Kochi: When Aparna, a Haritha Karma sena worker from Chottanikara, realized that her husband Sivakumar had become an alcoholic, she came up with an unusual remedy. It was not a de-addiction center or a religious offering. She encouraged him to attend a grammar school and even pawned her gold to ensure that money would never get in the way of his regime. Sivakumar joined a gym in June 2023 and started intense workouts in September. He participated in the Mr. Ernakulam competition held in January where he bagged the first prize. This strengthened his decision to participate in the Mr. Kerala matches held in Wayanad later that month. He became Mr. Kerala in the Masters category. In February he came second in the Mr. category. Kerala Seniors in Kannur.

”I started drinking quite early. I did painting jobs and from there I went drinking with the workers. It was hard to stop. I give credit to my wife for bringing me back. She is my pillar of strength,” says Sivakumar. Aparna had seen her husband exercising earlier and she thought that focusing on something would distract him from alcohol. However, the journey was not easy. Even before our marriage, he was in the habit of exercising,” says Aparna. “But he started preparing for competitions seriously recently.” Sivakumar initially went to another gym, where he was told he had the potential to compete. in competitions, but only if he stopped drinking. He couldn’t stop drinking at that point and was thrown out. He was told he didn’t have the strength to stick to a routine.

This was the trigger. Sivakumar joined Joby’s Standard Gym in Udayamperoor and started realizing his goals. “I go to the gym after work and stay there from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm,” says Sivakumar. His nutrition plan, guided by his trainer, is strictly followed. Two chapatis, the egg white of ten eggs, 100 grams of boiled chicken and cucumber is his diet. At 11am he also has a green apple and a robust banana. Sivakumar’s future goal is to become Mr. to become India. The couple faced many financial problems during their journey. Whenever they had no money, Aparna would pawn her gold to get money for their needs. “We are ordinary people. He does painting jobs and also fishes and I earn from my job as a Haritha Karma Sena worker,” says Aparna. She also goes to the gym herself to support him. “I helped him with the nutrition plans that the trainer gave him. “I wanted to support him in any way I could,” she said. The couple had a love marriage in 2007 and have two children.

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